Noodles and Pasta

Indonesian Instant Noodles

A few days ago, I had to take leave in order to take care of my ill daughter. What that meant was that I had to also be responsible for lunch. And dinner. 😦

I raided my cupboard and I saw packets and packets of instant noodles. Before I hired the help of a domestic worker, the usual type of instant noodles I’d consume at home was from Myojo – their Ramen Char Mee. My Indonesian domestic helper loves her instant noodles. Her favourite brand – 

I was a convert after tasting these noodles. For lunch, I decided to make myself a plate of noodles  my helper’s way. However, I didn’t have any green vegetables. 

There is something about fried chilli padi that just makes me salivate just thinking about it...Mmmmm


Crack an egg in


Stir in the noodles, add the seasoning and top it with the given 'kriuk-kriuk' - a mixture of fried onions and batter bits


For The Hubby, I made the soup version. When my helper first bought it, I thought it was normal chicken flavour noodles so once a couple of months ago, I innocently told her she could finish up the Maggi chicken flavoured noodles. She literally shuddered and refused, saying that it was a ‘childish dish’. I was puzzled. 

So that day, I used her noodles. The flavour – Chicken Soto. Apparently, there is a difference. It’s tangy and very flavourful. Possibly full of MSG too but who cares when one is pressed for time. The favoured brand for a soup based instant noodles – 

So if you want to try something different, go get these two brands. From Geylang. Yes, because that’s where they sell the ‘Made in Indonesia’ noodles. The Mie Sedap comes with the ‘kriuk-kriuk’ whereas those that come from Malaysia or elsewhere does not include this crispy condiment. 

Sedaaaaappp…. ;p

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