Noodles and Pasta

Penne Goreng – My comfort food


One of my favourite dishes is fried macaroni. Or pasta. With lots of minced beef. And it must be spicy – very spicy –  so that I can eat it with sour green olives. Mmmmm… This is how I usually make my pasta goreng dish, and I always cook this when I have nothing much at hand. That is why, in my kitchen pantry, I must always have pasta, tomato (diced or pureed or even in paste form) and my ‘$4.90 for 500g NTUC’ minced beef. 

Fry in olive oil about 6 heaped tablespoons of *chilli paste.


When the oil separates, add in the minced beef and cook till the beef is cooked. Add in a bottle of ready made pasta sauce or tomato paste/puree/Italian plum tomatoes


Add in boiled pasta of choice. My favourite is penne.


Make sure not to fry till the mixture is too dry. For the chilli paste, I always have a container ready so when I need to fry some noodles or make a sambal dish, I don’t have to waste time grinding all the ingredients to make the paste.

* Chilli Paste

1. about 20 or so dried chillies, soaked or boiled in hot water

2. 3-4 large Bombay onions

3. 4-5 garlic cloves

4. belacan 

Blend all the above ingredients into a fine paste.

Topped with green olives and fried onions and you’re all set to enjoy a plate in front of the telly. If you have never cooked this before, try this dish. It takes only fifteen minutes tops. 

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