Today I came back late and wanted to cook a simple dish. I had bought some thick cream and I already had a packet of cleaned, headless (?) prawns. 

I boiled linguini in a pasta pot filled with salted water. While that was cooking, I cooked the prawns in olive oil and garlic. The correct way is to use butter, but as you may guess already, I am rather conscious of my fat, salt and sugar intake. After the prawns were nicely browned, I sprinkled some paprika over and then added the 200g of cream and about half a cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Add salt. By now, the linguini would have been al dente, so pour in the pasta into the pan. Stir and cook till desired thickness/consistency.

A good criticism is that the pictures posted do not look appealing. I really am bad at taking photographs and so I would like to assure that even though the pictures may look unappealing, the dish themselves do taste good (or as depicted in my commentary in the post).