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Sambal Terong (Brinjals)

A few days ago, I was on a cooking spree. I cooked for my weetle sister. There were two lovely purply brinjals in the fridge courtesy of Mum and so I decided to make a good use of it. At first, I was really worried that something was wrong with the sambal – it took forever to be cooked. But my patience was rewarded. And, I learnt another cooking skill beside the value of patience – tasting! Yep, previously it was hard to taste food while I was cooking but after many not so perfect results, I decided to taste taste taste. And it paid off this time round. I tasted, it was sourish. I added a bit sugar. Taste again. Still sour. Sugar. Taste. Sour. Ok, a little bit more of sugar. Finally, perfection.


 2-3 long purple brinjals, cut into medium lengthwise pieces

Sambal Paste (mixture of blended dried chillies and onions, garlic and belacan)

Tamarind juice, or in my case that day, lime juice.


Fry brinjal pieces till soft


Add oil. Add enough sambal paste to fill the base of a wok. Cook till chilli paste is cooked. If the mixture is a bit dry, add a bit of water and continue cooking. Add about roughly 2 tbsp of tamarind juice. I used lime juice on that day.


Sambal Terong

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