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Cinnamon Sugared French Toast

Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. I learnt to make Bombay Toast in Secondary One during a Home Ec lesson. Till this day, my mother remembers this simple dish I learnt in school and reproduced a few times at home. When my sister slept over last Saturday, I decided to make her my version of Bombay toast by adding a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.

Crack two eggs in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, and ground cinnamon.


Cut sliced bread of choice into two triangles. Dip in the beaten egg and fry in melted butter mixed with a little olive oil.


Fry till golden and spoon a tablespoon (or less) of good quality honey over.


A very simple idiot-proof meal anyone can make but I’m always looking at recipes, cooking shows and talking to people about what they cook in order to get ideas on what I can cook next so this entry might tempt you to make French Toast this weekend. Enjoy!

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