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Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles, Malay-style)

Rather than continue to be fuming mad at 4 graduating class students who didn’t hand in their class work, posting one more of my culinary experiences will make me remember that there is no point in getting angry with students. Life goes on, and I hope after posting this, I’d have a restful sleep and hope to have a pleasant day tomorrow.

Fried noodles is a very simple all-in-one meal which a lot of Malay families whip up when guests come knocking on the door. It’s quick to cook and tasty. You can also find this in many Malay stalls, especially the school canteen. I mean, all Singapore school canteens will have a Malay stall selling mee goreng every single day. Sigh. But it always tastes better when you cook it yourself. This way, you can add all your favourite ingredients into the dish.

Fry chilli paste (blended onions, garlic and dried chillies) in oil till cooked. Add meat (chicken, sliced beef, prawns, squid). That day, I only used sliced beef courtesy of Mum.


When meat of choice is cooked, add fresh yellow noodles and chye sim.


Add tomatoes last. Before adding in the chye sim, season the noodles with tomato ketchup and a teeny weeny bit of soya sauce.


Eat with lots of kalamansi lime juice, freshly squeezed.


One may think it’s such a simple dish to make that it doesn’t even warrant a place here but this blog is also meant for my daughter when she grows up. And I’ve tried cooking this before and have failed rather miserably. Here are my tips for cooking the perfect mee goreng:

#1 DO NOT add salt. Yellow noodles are already salty so adding more salt will just make the dish, well, more salty. Furthermore, the ketchup added will add enough flavour to the noodles.

#2 If cooking for the first time, do not add eggs. Reason being that the noodles might dry up very fast since you are not experienced enough to work quickly with the eggs. When adding that one egg, the trick is to crack one in before adding in the noodles and let it cook first. Do not break the eggs into tiny particles. It can get too messy.

#3 If the noodle dish seem dry and you really want a ‘wetter’ dish, DO NOT in any circumstances add water. I have added water before thinking it will save my dish from being dry but all it did was make my noodles soggy and awful. 

#4 Do not add too much soya sauce. Too much and your noodles will turn blackish. 

Shasha's Mee Goreng


And while I was cooking this dish, I had completely forgotten about the baby. I knew he was somewhere in the kitchen but when I turned around after my dish was near done, I saw him…

More mess to clean up.


For how to cook fried noodles bee hoon style, click here.

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