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Chicken Ginger Fried Rice

I made this fried rice and served it together with my steamboat to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It’s my own recipe after trying a ginger fried rice at Johnny’s, a steamboat joint Last Aunt brought The Hubby and I when we visited them in KL some six years ago. It was rather bland as again, I didn’t add enough salt. I tasted though, but to me it tasted fine but of course, it wasn’t to the guests. But they didn’t mind because I also served an assortment of chilli sauces that day. I really have a problem with salt.

In oil fry a copious amount of blended garlic and ginger.
Once aromatic paste is cooked, add in diced chicken breast.
Stir in finely sliced French Beans.
Before stirring in the rice, crack in three beaten eggs. Add lots of ground ginger (powder, Mcormick), salt and white pepper.
Ginger Fried Rice
The Rice in the Wok

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