Noodles and Pasta

Penne in Easy Cheese Sauce (For Kids)

Just now for dinner, my daughter asked for pasta. I boiled some penne and while the penne was boiling, I played again with my new toy. I used the grater contraption and it was so amazingly fast that I really feel like taking orders from people who would like their cheese or vegetables grated. Maybe I could open my own vegetable business selling freshly grated carrots, cabbage etc, mandolin sliced root vegetables… I love my food processor! 

A whole block of parmesan grated in less than ten seconds!


Freshly Grated Parmesan 😀


Cheese Sauce: Butter, Cream, Parmesan, Salt, Black Pepper


Stir in boiled penne.


Make sure you add a lot of parmesan (about two large handfuls here) or it’ll be really bland. I sprinkled chilli flakes and parsley flakes for the adults. It was yummy as testified by The Hubby and The Domestic Helper.  The Daughter, which the dish was meant for, ate a measly four forkfuls and proclaimed she was full. Sheesh.

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