Noodles and Pasta

Fried Pasta of Choice ala NCHS Stall 5

I like the black pepper spaghetti my school canteen sells. Sometimes, the cook uses macaroni or pasta. I asked how she cooked it one day, and she said it’s a hodgepodge of small amounts of this and that. The this and that I found out from another colleague was simply oyster sauce, sambal tumis or regular chilli paste, ketchup, soya sauce, salt and black pepper. Basically, whatever bottled sauce you have at hand.

I used to grumble because although the pasta is always tasty, it would be tastier if she added some real chicken slices instead of thinly sliced frankfurters or fishcake. Ironically, for dinner tonight, I had nothing at hand except for frankfurters and surimi slices. Sigh. I decided to make the dish anyway. I think I’ll try it again tomorrow with spaghetti and add in chicken slices and yellow peppers.

Heat up olive oil, add minced garlic and then meat (or processed food) of choice.


Add black pepper (lots), sambal tumis, ketchup, oyster sauce, soya sauce...whatever sauce you think might add on to the flavour.


Unfortunately, The Hubby didn’t like it. I doubt he’d like the one served in my workplace either. Maybe I’ll cook something else tomorrow.

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