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Easy Chocolate Cake

Yesterday, I wanted to whip up a fuss free chocolate cake, one that doesn’t use real chocolate. I googled ‘easy chocolate cake recipe’ and the first hit led me to this page

It really was easy. The recipe reminded me of the ready made mixes from Betty Crocker. It also allowed me to use two other birthday gifts – the loaf tin from dear sister and the wonderful lime green egg brush from Mummy.

Brush butter all over the loaf tin


This  also allowed the Little Girl to help out in the kitchen. I feel guilty not including her enough because lately, I’ve been absolutely busy with work. Hearing a colleague tell me about how every weekend she and her daughter try out new recipes after watching cooking shows on the telly makes me feel even more guilty. But yesterday, Little Girl helped me stir the batter.

Little Girl hard at work here.


The recipe on the web may have had a few flaws. It really was like the Betty Crocker pre-mix but the cake turned out dry. I don’t like dry cakes. It’s fine for children – Little Girl loved it. Maybe it’s just because I’m so pampered now. Whatever it is, if you’re trying out this recipe, add more oil or milk to make it less dry? I’m not sure what the reason for a cake being dry is.

It really looked shiny and pretty.


I’m going to try out another chocolate cake recipe this weekend after I’ve finished all my work as a reward. Check it out. 😀

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