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Roti Jala


Yesterday for lunch, I made roti jala. I called Mummy for the recipe and prepared the batter. For those who do not know, Roti Jala or Roti Kirai is a crepe batter like pancake. It’s really time consuming to make. My batter turned out fine if not a little bland (yes, again) but it’s a real pain to get the batter through the holes of the roti jala mould. Mummy says the copper based ones are better. I may get one just so that I can try making it again.

Luckily for me, Mummy popped by at the right moment. She helped make a few roti jalas and then surreptitiously disappeared, leaving me and The Domestic Helper to finish the job.

This is how you make Roti Jala.

Thin Batter: 1kg of plain flour, water, a little bit of carnation milk, two eggs and salt. Plus a few drops of yellow colouring.


The Domestic Helper remembered Mummy blended the mixture to make it even smoother so she blended it. It helped a little bit.

Pour the batter into the mould and then swirl it around in the hot pan like a net.


Close up view of the netted batter in the pan.


Use ghee or regular (and much healthier) oil to dab the roti jala while it is cooking. Take a few strands of pandan leaves to baste. 

Put two roti jalas together and then fold it in half and then into a neat triangle. Or diamond.


Fold right side and then fold the left side to look like this.
Repeat process until batter is all used up.
Close up view.
Best eaten with chicken curry and a side of salad.
Lovely salad made up of crisp baby romaine, large thick slices of juicy tomatoes, creamy boiled eggs and fragrant coriander leaves topped with tangy chilli sauce and ketchup.

I’ll never forget the story of how a close friend, during our Secondary 1 or 2 School Carnival, brought her tub of bright orange batter. The Malay girls from 2/3 (or was it 1/3?) had to come up with a halal food stall for the carnival and we all agreed that each of us bring a tub of roti jala batter to cook on the spot and serve it with chicken curry. I can’t remember whether we all contributed a pot of chicken curry or a kind classmate’s mother donated a whole big pot of it. What we remember clearly to this day was dear W_ bright orange batter. She was teased mercilessly the whole day. But it was great fun. They don’t make funfairs like back then anymore. 😀

Frankly, it’s easier to just buy roti jala but I always feel cheated. They only give two or three roti jalas and furthermore, there aren’t many places selling them here.

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