Cakes and Cookies

Plain Baked Cheesecake

OK so the school holidays have started but I find that I am not in the mood to cook. Maybe it’s because of the strict diet that I’m on, or the fact that I’ll be working every single day for the next one and a half weeks! To make matters worse, I just deleted all the photos from my camera – some which contained precious photos of my cooking not yet posted and of my family. 😦 😦 

A few weeks ago, I made plain baked cheesecake using Chef Wan’s recipe. It was dead simple, yet, it did not turn out perfect. The base was simply crushed marie biscuits and half a cup of butter. I improvised this to coffee flavoured marie biscuits. 🙂 The reason why it did not turn out perfectly was that my oven, though set at the correct temperature, was still too hot and hence, the cheesecake was slightly overcooked. Chef Wan recommended the use of generous and creative toppings to hide unsightly cracks on top, but I had no inspiration nor ingredients for a topping. Luckily, no one seemed too bothered by its appearance and there were not much leftovers. 

Photos got deleted. :0 

Recipe is from Chef Wan’s Sweet Treats Book. It’s a basic cake. I prefer his New York Cheesecake recipe, though. Will try that definitely…when I have the time. Sigh.

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