I first learnt of this Greek/Turkish dish from my aunt when she was staying in this lovely house in Pasir Ris. I fell in love with this dish. I’m sure many would like this dish too. What’s there not to like? Beef bolognaise? Check. Eggplant? Check. Bechamel sauce? Check. Cheese? Double Check.

Of course, there are some, like The Hubby, who don’t like eggplants. And there are some, like my friend W_, who doesn’t normally eat eggplants except for the ones in my moussaka dish 😀 December holidays I’ll make some for you W_. For those who don’t eat eggplants, you can use sliced potatoes instead. Or you can be like my other friend S_ who will eat the top layer (the one with the potatoes and cheese) and leave out the bottom layer. Hmmm…seems like a lot of people I know don’t eat eggplants. 

This is my shortcut moussaka recipe.

Start by making a bolognaise sauce. Brown meat in olive oil.


Cheat by adding a bottle of ready made pasta sauce.


I used this today. I like this brand.


Fry sliced potatoes and sliced eggplants in olive oil.


Layer bolognaise sauce with eggplant slices. Last layer are the potatoes. Top with bechamel sauce and sprinkle some mozzarella and parmesan cheese. This is the potato only version.


Moussaka fresh out from the oven.


Moussaka half gone.


The moussaka unfortunately though tasty wasn’t a hit today. The hit dish was my salmon pesto. Unfortunately, I only had four slices of salmon and so it was very unsatisfying for my guests. I’ll post the recipe for bechamel sauce too. I hope you’ll try making moussaka. It’s exactly the same as making lasagne so if you want to make lasagne, just omit all the vegetables and layer the bolognaise with lasagne pasta. Happy cooking!

1 thought on “Moussaka”

  1. Last week i saw on BBC Lifestyle channel this dish made with eggplants that are baked in the oven and potatoes that are boiled whole, skinned and sliced. This is a lot healthier than the fried version that we have been using.

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