Sauces and Sambals

Pesto Sauce

I have no idea how a real honest to goodness pesto sauce should taste like. I know how it’s made. I’ve tasted the one in the jar before. But still, I’ve no idea what a good pesto sauce should taste like. I read Jamie Oliver’s recipe for pesto sauce. And several other websites and books and the ingredients are all the same. This is how I made pesto sauce today. It tasted good but I’m still unsure if it’s the right thing. Anyway, the family loved it. I like it too but I’ll continue experimenting and trying out pesto recipes till I figure out what’s a perfect pesto.

In a blender, blend a handful of Italian basil leaves. Toasted pine nuts. Salt. Olive oil. Parmesan Cheese. Adjust to taste by adding more oil or more cheese or salt till it's perfect.
Spoon sauce over meat of choice. Here, over baked salmon. Yummmmy...

I think if it’s meant to be mixed with pasta, my pesto sauce may be a bit too ‘basil-ly’. I don’t know. But over salmon, it was divine. Try some pesto today. 😀

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