Chicken Piccata

The other dish we made in our mother and child cooking class was chicken piccata. This one, the kids all loved it! The Little Girl couldn’t wait to try it. Furthermore, it’s really a wonderful dish to make with children and I’m sure young teens will be able to handle this too.

All you have to do is get some boneless chicken thighs or breasts or whatever parts you like and coat them in plain flour.

Dip them in the egg mixture which is made up of three eggs, some parmesan cheese and a handful of chopped parsley.

Fry the chicken till they are done. Serve.

The use of parmesan cheese was indeed interesting. The Chef said it’s also lovely with fish fillet. Frankly, it was a bit too eggy for me, the smell of it turned me off. But once cooked and properly drained and cut into pieces, it tasted rather nice. I’m trying to find a way to modify this dish without frying or even using any eggs for that matter. But The Little Girl loved it so I suppose one day, I’ll have to make this dish again with her at home.

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