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Creamed cottage cheese potatoes

I invented this dish. Hee hee. I believe I’m the only one, or very few in the world, who has thought of combining cottage cheese into pulverised potatoes. It tastes delicious too. The Little Girl loves it. I love the food processor for being able to process the potatoes to a smooth, creamy, baby food like consistency.


1. Boil two large potatoes.

2. In a food processor, dump potatoes in. Add half a packet of cottage cheese, a little bit of olive oil, salt, lots of black pepper and a half teaspoon or garlic paste.

3. Whizz, whizz, whizz.

The result?

Creamy, velvety potatoes fit to serve in any health-conscious restaurant. Or not. Mmmmm….even The Little Man loved it and ate a bowl.

So much for my diet.

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