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Fishball and Tofu Soup

When cooking for children, you can’t run away from making clear soups. I don’t mind because I love soups anyway. Nobody loves soup more than The Little Girl. So one day, when I had the time to cook a full but simple lunch, I decided to make fishball soup. But I also had silken tofu and then because I was feeling a bit extravagant, dropped in two eggs too. The result? A yummilicious hearty soup made the Asian way (read, economical).


1. In a pot, add in some oil. Add a sliced onion, some minced garlic and a bit of ikan bilis.

2. After onions have softened, add water to desired level.

3. Season with salt (plenty of it) and white pepper.

4. Add in fishballs.

5. Followed by silken tofu.

6. And then lastly, gently drop in eggs.

7. Check seasoning. If not cooking for children, I would add a few slices of red chillies.

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