Asian Dishes, Meat

Stir-fried Beef

I love making stir-fried beef because it’s really fast to cook yet oh so tasty. The problem is I am extremely fussy when it comes to what cut of meat I would use for this dish. For example, I would ONLY, and I can be very anal about this, ONLY use beef that had been sliced by a certain butcher from a certain market in Serangoon. Ha ha. Enough clues? Anyway, one day lucky me went to said market with The Hubby and so I ran to the stall and got some of my very thin slices of beef. Mmmm…

This is how I make my stir-fry. I would first marinade my beef with Worcestershire sauce and black pepper. And then in a pan, add garlic to hot oil and then quickly add in the beef. And then cherry tomatoes and sometimes cut capsicums or spring onions/slices of onions if The Hubby is not around. I’d add some more black pepper and Worcestershire sauce, a bit of soya sauce for seasoning.And oh, I love to eat this with plenty of coriander leaves.

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