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Fish Soup

Ah, it’s finally time to update my blog. And soon, finally, I’ll have the time to cook all I want. 😀

There’s this place that The Hubby and I love to frequent for its fish soup. They’re found in a Muslim kopitiam called Mr Teh Tarik. Ha ha. For those of you who know this place, you might be raising your eyebrows somewhat. Mr Teh Tarik and fish soup? But yes, they serve lovely fish soup and the best outlet is the one at Geylang, though the most generous one is at Bedok North.

Anyway, one day while I was at the in-laws, brother-in-law made a rather shocking statement, for me that is. He said that the fish in the fish soup are Toman fish. I had no idea, seriously! He was surprised that I didn’t even know what fish I was eating. Well, Toman fish is cheap and so easy to get at NTUC! So one weekend, I decided that instead of spending $10 on fish soup, why don’t I make my own pot instead. And what do you know? It turned out great!

<u>Here’s what I used for my Fish Soup<\u>

1. Bottled Ikan Bilis Stock (Maggi)

2. Slices of Toman fish

3. Tofu

4. Cai Xin (Green Leafy Vegetables)

5. Ikan Bilis (Achovies, Dried and Fried)

6. Tomato

7. Ginger slices (for the stock)

I even made a sambal of chilli padi slices and soya sauce. It’s a nice, economical dish and the good things was that The Little Girl ate a bowl of it. Try it on a rainy day. 🙂

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