Seafood, Sides

Baked Mussels

So I invited my family over for Raya and I wanted to make something simple yet delicious. As I was walking around NTUC, I chanced upon the frozen bin section and saw, in my opinion, the best deal of all time – mussels. These ‘ang moh’ mussels have already been cleaned and you can get them shelled or otherwise. I grabbed a box of green NZ mussels with half the shell on and a pack of thickened cream.

When I got home, all I did was defrost the mussels and once defrosted and rinsed clean, poured some cream over each individual mussel. Over the cream, I added a small slice of President’s Cheddar and chilli flakes. Bake till the top turns golden brown and then serve. The mussels were a hit with the guests and I’m so going to make these again as appetisers for future parties.

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