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Crispy Mushrooms

I saw at NTUC one day those cheap packets of shitake mushrooms from China. I know I should really cut down on China-made fresh produce but I love mushrooms and mushrooms are expensive. Anyway, the ones that I saw were small ones instead of the rather large ones in the bag.

Back in the kitchen, I poured equal amounts of plain and rice flour and then mixed with cold water. Then I dumped the mushrooms in and fried them till crisp. And crisp they were. After which, liberally sprinkle salt over. Mmmmm…

Mushrooms sizzlin' in the pan


Battered Crispy 'Shrooms. Vrooom!!


Ah, who can resist mushrooms, especially when fried crisp. By now, you should know that, due to a lack of patience and maybe skills, I only make easy peasy recipes so anyone can try them! Go ahead, I know you want to try making these lovely morsels of goodness…  😉

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