Salads and Vegetables

Fried Coloured Peppers in Olive Oil

OK, I invented this dish by chance. Really. It happened on one Sunday morning when I was still pregnant with #2 and had one yellow pepper (or capsicum) and one red one. I thought I’d make a nice little brushetta-like dish. I cut up the peppers into small squares and fried them with slices of garlic in olive oil. As I cooked the peppers, I was wondering when it would be done. They were already quite ‘done’ but I thought what would happen if I were to cook them longer? So I fried them really long, careful not to burn the garlic crisps and then I noticed the peppers had turned really soft and that my olive oil had turned a wonderful reddish-brownish hue. I tasted one right then and they were so wonderful! I served them with foccacia bread for The Hubby’s breakfast and he loved it. More importantly, the baby was kicking inside with joy.

So one day during one of our potluck breakfasts at work, I made a batch and my colleagues loved it. I’m not trying to brag here but one of them actually made this dish for her family for dinner. šŸ˜€ Just be careful not to burn the garlic crisps like I always tend to do. But then again, I love eating even burnt garlic.


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