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Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Again, I made cheesecake and again, I used Chef Wan’s recipe. The only alteration I made with the recipe, if I remember correctly, was I added a wee bit of paprika in the filling. And for the base, I used crackers and whizzed it with butter.

The filling turned out divine, the crust not at all. They were crumbly  and did not stick at all. I even made a topping for it or frosting. Tasted good but the sugar didn’t completely melt into the frosting. I should have used superfine castor sugar. Overall, it was quite a success and I had plenty of leftovers.



It looks so pretty right? The frosting’s a real bonus because when I baked the cake, the sides cracked. I wonder what’s the problem. I can never have a smooth even top and I can’t find a tray big or wide enough to place the cake in a water bath.

You can find the recipe for this from his book – Sweet Treats. 😀

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