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Breakfast Tapas

Here are some ideas for breakfast. I’m a savoury person so very rarely would I make sweet dessert like breakfast e.g. pancakes or muffins. One weekend morning, I had bits of this and that and decided to have a tapas like breakfast. I placed the food on the dining table and you just take what you like. Well, since I didn’t have like a smorgasbord of food, that was like practically everything on the table.


Breakfast Tapas Numero Uno: toasted sliced French bread (not in picture); sardines in olive oil; battered mushrooms, cheddar sliced chese; emanthal sliced cheese; low-fat sliced cheese; salad



Breakfast tapas Numero Dos: leftover honey mustard chicken, edamame beans, egg salad sandwiches


Since I love starters so much, I might just want to host a party and serve only appetisers and finger food. Yumz!

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