Salads and Vegetables, Sides

Egg Salad Sandwich

Growing up, my mother loved to pack for me egg sandwiches for recess. Every school excursion without fail, I’ll have these sandwiches for my break. Needless to say, because of this, the very first few things I learnt to make was ‘egg sandwich’. Besides, it’s so easy to make and so tasty.

I learnt to make these using margarine, salt and white pepper.

Then, recently I watched a show on the Food Network and Ina Garten made these egg salad sandwiches for lunch. What amazed me was that she used a food processor to mash up the eggs – all 12 of them. She added mayonnaise and fresh dill.

I used her recipe the next time I made an egg sandwich sans the food processor bit. I used a fork instead. Ha. Also, I didn’t use fresh dill but the dried one. It tasted good.

The egg on top of a bed of lettuce. I'd always top with slices of cucumber.

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