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Pacheri Nenas (Pineapple Relish)

I invited my colleagues for the first time to my house for Raya. I cooked, for the first time in my life, Pilav Rice, following loosely a recipe I found in my mother’s Indian Cookbook and the Internet.

Pacheri Nenas can be found at almost every Malay wedding. I love this to bits because it really cuts the richness of the other Malay dishes i.e. the rice, the sambal chicken, the sambal goreng.

Traditionally, one would use fresh pineapples. However, one can also use tinned pineapples. Of course, I used the latter.

In a pan, fry in a little bit of oil, cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, cloves. Add sliced onions. Add a bit of turmeric and chilli powder and then pineapples. Mix well and then add a little bit of sugar and cut red/green chillies. I used chilli padi instead.

Interestingly, the pacheri nenas was a hit with my colleague’s sons. 😀 They ate it with such aplomb that I feel like making again as a gift for the sons during the holidays.


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