Asian Dishes, Rice

Japanese Rice Ball – Onigiri

I trawled the internet for this recipe and they all read the same thing: rice, seaweed. So I made them exactly as I read them. Unfortunately, without any seasoning, the rice was very bland but I think Onigiri is meant to be just that- plain rice that has just been formed into balls.

I made three cups of rice (because that’s how much my rice cooker can accommodate) and then cooled it. Once cool enough to handle, but still warm, I wet my hands with salt water and formed them into a round shape, made an indentation, filled the dent with tuna and then rolled it again to form a triangle. Ah, the trickiest bit of it all. Forming them into triangles! I mean, how, how, how? I tried and tried but it always turned out lopsided or at most a very deformed triangle. LOL. So, in the end, most I made into round balls.

My NTUC does not have a good selection of Japanese products so I couldn’t get black sesame seeds. I’m going to make my own variation of Onigiri next time using seasoned rice and bonito flakes, sesame seeds and Japanese chilli flakes.

Onigiri - with a leek at the side.
Onigiri served with tempura vegetables (Jap sweet potato, oyster mushroom, eggplant) and teriyaki chicken with leek.

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