Asian Dishes, Poultry

Teriyaki Chicken

I wanted to serve my Onigiri with some Japanese-inspired protein. Salmon was too expensive so the best bet was chicken. I got chicken fillets and proceeded to the bottled section for some ready made Teriyaki sauce or marinade. Unfortunately, not a single one of them was halal. Many had alcohol listed as the ingredient. I found one Made in Malaysia which did not have anything suspicious in it but as it did not have the halal logo, I felt uncomfortable.

Lucky for me, I had copied a recipe of Teriyaki marinade from Of course it had mirin and sake in it, both I omitted (duh) but the outcome was just as good. Oh, I added just a splash of distilled vinegar into the recipe.


1. 1 tbsp fresh ginger, minced or pound fine

2. I clove garlic, crushed

3. 3 tbsp sugar

4. 2 cups soya sauce (I used a bit of light and a bit of dark soy)

5. a splash of vinegar

After marinading, place chicken pieces on a roasting tray and top with a slice of leek and then grill in the oven till done. Once chicken is done, spoon the drippings over the chicken and serve. Yummy! 🙂



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