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Toddler Food

I remember someone asking me to post about baby food. Erm, that was a year ago. How time flies. A few days ago, I decided to finally make my 18 month old boy lunch. I seldom make for him food. In fact, for this whole year, like never. Ever since we had a domestic helper, I’ve left practically all the cooking of baby food to her.

My boy has molars. Two of them. What that means is that he has long weaned from eating soft mushy food and I must say with some pride, is a man’s man. Man, can that boy eat. ;p

I made healthy rice in the cooker and then in a saucepan, I fried one garlic clove, added water. Then, I added two teaspoons of ground toasted ikan bilis. And then vegetables – carrots, potatoes, broccoli and finally soft tofu. He didn’t want me to feed him but he ate with relish the entire bowl when The Girl fed him. Sigh. This is what happens when Mommies go out to work.

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