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Japanese Rice with Salmon and Edamame

I’ve been in a cooking mood the last couple of days. Just yesterday, after coming home from work, I decided to cook Japanese rice. I had three small salmon pieces in the freezer and decided to add that to the rice. Then, I decided to finish the half packet of frozen edamame lying in the refrigerator by adding them to the rice too.

Marinade salmon for a few minutes with soy sauce (I used Habhal's Kicap Masin, not exactly keeping to the Japanese theme but ...oh well)


When cooked, flake into chunks.


While waiting for the salmon to cook, boil edamame and remove them from their pods.


When rice is cooked, mix salmon and edamame into it but be careful not to smash the salmon too much.
Serve in small Japanese bowl.
For the rice, once it's cooked, add sugared vinegar and mix well. Also, some salt.

Although I only made 21/2 cups of rice, there were plenty of leftovers and I had to keep distributing them to my poor colleagues. 😀

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