Rack of Lamb

We happened to pass by a Halal butchery cum deli which was highly recommended by a colleague. I insisted that we go in and once in, I was hooked. In the end, I bought a frozen Frenched rack of lamb. All I had to do was marinade and cook.

On Saturday, I didn’t marinade it. I simply put salt and plenty of black pepper, browned the meat and put it in the oven. I’ve never cooked rack of lamb before and it was a pleasant surprise when I found out that it was a relatively simple meat to prepare; the pieces came off easily with a swipe of the blade.

I baked it in the oven until it was still quite rare. I didn’t want an overcooked meat but it was too rare for The Hubby and so I  toasted his portion in the toaster. I served it with Greek yogurt drizzled with good quality honey, a salad and fried butter rice with sausages and raisins. It was a delicious lunch but one I suppose laden with so much fat because immediately after eating, I had a dull throbbing in my head for a few hours.

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