Oven Cooked Slow Roasted Mutton in Ribena

I decided to try this dish because it is dead easy to cook.  I had a kilo of mutton cubes so I cut them into even smaller pieces.  After which, I browned them and then seasoned them with salt and pepper (black, always black). Then, I transferred them into a casserole dish, and in the pot that I had browned the meat, added garlic. I then added a jug of Ribena, carrots, potatoes and two whole bulbs of garlic, skin on. I added bay leaves too. To the meat again, I sprinkled dried thyme and oregano and then poured the whole liquid into the casserole dish. Cover the dish with aluminium foil and pop in a slow oven (170 Celsius) for actually, 5 hours.

Now the actual recipe (Jaime Oliver’s) called for pieces of leg of lamb (but mutton works as well) and white wine (a bottle). I expected the liquid to dry up or thicken but after three hours in the oven, there was still plenty of liquid. I removed the foil and roasted it for another hour but by 2, my guests were already very hungry so I served the dish.

It really is pretty good served with toasted pita bread, though it would be better if served with freshly baked crusty baguette (I’m buying a few from now on at my favourite butchery to keep). The meat was tender, and even the Hubby who doesn’t really like potatoes, scooped a few onto his plate. There was too much wasted liquid and my mother told me maybe I should make a roux first so that the sauce would thicken. I’m definitely going to try this dish again, but this time, find another recipe. 😀

Brown meat.
The brown bits are all flavour!
Deglaze with Ribena and then add vegetables and seasoning.
Pour into a deep casserole dish, cover and slow roast for hours and hours.

Unfortunately, I was too busy (read hungry) to take an after picture. Just imagine the above browned, the liquid clear.  Sweet but delicious.

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