A colleague told me how she bought halal wagyu beef at a local butchery and it was divine! Super duper beef as her 5 year old son called it.

On Saturday, I asked if I could tag along at the butchery’s sale conducted at its warehouse. We spent an exhausting morning not only queuing up for the meat but also bought lots of confectionary at reasonable prices at the many other factories located nearby.

I had to buy the wagyu even though I was pretty much broke. I bought the rump. At $38 per kilo, it was a rather good bargain.

And when I went home, the first thing I did was to get the skillet out, heat it with some olive oil and placed the steak on it. When it was done, I let it cool before cutting it into manageable slices. DIVINE! So there. Even if you can’t cook two hoots, all you need is money to buy a very good piece of meat and dump it on a skillet. Just thinking about the steak makes my mouth water.

This is the rump steak. The fat at the sides melt in your mouth! The marbling is not as much as it would be on a rib eye fillet but it's good enough for me. Oh, for the joy of eating fats.
Don't overcook the meat. And don't marinade it or you won't get to taste the real flavour of good meat. Just a sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper will do.
For yesterday's lunch soiree, I put it on a bed of salad.

I am so not a vegan no matter how much I love my greens. Wagyu beef rules!