Wagyu Beef

A colleague told me how she bought halal wagyu beef at a local butchery and it was divine! Super duper beef as her 5 year old son called it.

On Saturday, I asked if I could tag along at the butchery’s sale conducted at its warehouse. We spent an exhausting morning not only queuing up for the meat but also bought lots of confectionary at reasonable prices at the many other factories located nearby.

I had to buy the wagyu even though I was pretty much broke. I bought the rump. At $38 per kilo, it was a rather good bargain.

And when I went home, the first thing I did was to get the skillet out, heat it with some olive oil and placed the steak on it. When it was done, I let it cool before cutting it into manageable slices. DIVINE! So there. Even if you can’t cook two hoots, all you need is money to buy a very good piece of meat and dump it on a skillet. Just thinking about the steak makes my mouth water.

This is the rump steak. The fat at the sides melt in your mouth! The marbling is not as much as it would be on a rib eye fillet but it's good enough for me. Oh, for the joy of eating fats.
Don't overcook the meat. And don't marinade it or you won't get to taste the real flavour of good meat. Just a sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper will do.
For yesterday's lunch soiree, I put it on a bed of salad.

I am so not a vegan no matter how much I love my greens. Wagyu beef rules!

7 thoughts on “Wagyu Beef”

  1. ok ok. it’s gonna look like i’m stalking you. but i’m not. i just discovered your websites and i’m a kepoh like that and i just must look. i’m not much of a cook. in fact i’m a lousy one. i cook for survival. but i love eating. and i love love love love wagyu beef. where is this butchery? $38/kilo sounds like a good deal. (i get my wagyu beef fix in kl where it costs about rm130 for a 200gm piece; the marbling is good, though. i can’t recall the exact number but it was definitely more than 7/8 thereabout)

    like i was saying before i went off tangent, $38/kilo sounds like a good deal PROVIDED i dont screw up the cooking process. can you tell me approximately how long the beef stayed in the pan? this is after you’ve shared with me where this butchery is, okay?

    thanks very very much!

    (and i’ll take my time going through this site because i love cooking blogs and when i’m feeling particularly daring, i’ll try out some recipes)

    1. Heh it’s OK. I put the websites on FB so it’s ok to read them. I love cooking so thought I’d just share the stuff I cook online. It’ll be good for my daughter too so she dont have to keep asking me for recipes! ;p

    2. OK. Now for the serious stuff.
      The wagyu beef I bought at the ZACs sale. They have a sale every last Saturday of the month so yesterday morning was it. Its at their woodlands factory. They open at 8 a.m. but close at about 2 p.m. I’ve been to the sale only once but I’ve been to their butchery at Kembangan. Its right next to the SPC station. Lovely stuff! The one in the picture is the rump…cheap. If you go for the fillet, my friend bought five cuts for about $75 on sale at the kembangan outlet.

      The beef is soooo good that all you need to do is put it on the frying pan, and when you see that it’s browned, turn over and then serve. I like mine rare so it the timing depends on individual taste. I only need to season very lightly with black pepper and salt but no seasoning at all is also wonderful. Then, you can taste the real flavour of the meat.

      Go and try. If you love wagyu beef, then ZACs is your guy! heh.

  2. ok! thanks! i’m gonna put a note on the calendar about this last-saturday-of-the-month sale. woodlands is where i live so it seems like every end of the month, our grocery bill will shoot through the roof! i’m salivating now thinking of the wagyu beef. cant wait til next month!

  3. OMG. i just checked their website. i can just imagine thehusband and i going bonkers over the selection of meat! i better empty the freezer before we go there.

    1. ha ha yes! my friend went last Saturday for the sale and she told me that they said the next sale is from 22-24 dec. maybe year end sale. and oh pls empty freezer. i went bonkers my first time there and spent close to $200 ;p

      1. that’s a very very useful piece of info! cos when i checked the calendar, the last saturday of december happens to be xmas day. i was disappointed cos i’m sure they’re not gonna have any sale then and i just have to wait til end january. now that i know it’s happening from 22-24dec, i’m mighty pleased!

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