The Cheat’s (that’s me!) Chicken Pot Pies

I had bought frozen ready rolled puff pastry intending to make some sort of dessert when the inspiration strikes. Well, to my pleasant surprise, the inspiration instead came from something savoury. And kids. I was invited by a colleague to join her family for a really fun Saturday outing and decided to make chicken pies for her lovely sons. And since I can’t make puff pastry (or even shortcrust for that matter), decided to make use of the frozen stuff lying in my freezer for the past few months.

For the filling:

Boil carrots and potatoes (organic, courtesy of the boys's mom) till tender.
In a pan, fry garlic till fragant then add pieces of chicken fillets.
Add the boiled cubes of carrots and potatoes.
Add about three tablespoons of cream. Season with white pepper and salt.
Fill pastry with the filling. Top with mozzarella cheese.
Cover with puff pastry, prick with a fork and then brush with butter. Bake.
Bake till golden.

Ok, bad picture. And to think I actually took photography lessons once. A long time ago. For a couple of weeks.

But I liked it, but of course, with some chilli sauce. Heh.

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