Bread and Batter, Desserts

Cinnamon Rolls

It took me two tries to get this recipe right. Just go to this weblink and drool.

Just a note. Follow the recipe very closely but use common sense.  When it is time to roll, if the dough is still very wet and sticky and you’re torn to follow the recipe or use your head, I suggest you use your head. Go ahead and add in more flour to the mixture till you get the right consistency to roll the dough out.

Because one recipe makes many many rolls, you can afford to make two different kinds. The first half of the dough, I added Hershey’s choc chips and roasted almonds. The second one, I left it plain.

Baking them in the aluminium pans is, I believe, crucial too. It makes the centre of the rolls soft and moist, with only the tops crispy and browned. I didn’t make the frosting, though. Too sweet for my liking. Enough said. Look and drool.

Resting in the pan for 30 min before going into the oven.
Choc Chip and Roasted Almonds. Make sure you roast your almonds first.
Cinnamon Rolls!


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