Cakes and Cookies

Easy Sugee Cookies

This year, I decided to bake all my cookies – all three of them. Ha ha. Every year, we’d traipse to the other side of the Causeway and buy all our Raya cookies. And every year, I’d throw many of them in the bin. Even when I baked my cookies this year, I still have plenty of leftovers. Nobody really eats cookies nowadays. Singaporeans really are health conscious. ;p

I made sugee cookies because firstly, they’re economical. Secondly, they taste good. Thirdly, they’re white. Or whitish. Why should this be a criteria? Well, I can’t have too many chocolatey cookies on my table – some ‘white’ cookies would be a good mix to my Raya cookie table.


1. 2 parts plain flour

2. I part ghee (yes, GHEE!)

3. I part sugar

Use the container that comes with the ghee as a unit of measurement.

The mixture must be soft but easy enough to roll into balls.

Sugee in paper cups, unbaked.

I forgot to take an after picture but just imagine them a little browner. Some were of course too brown (that went straight into the bin). After that, I sprinkled the little rounds with powdered sugar. Easiest cookies in the world. I’ll never make them again (too fattening 😦 )

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