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Fried Wonton

I learnt to make these years and years ago. And even though I’ve tried making them with different fillings, I always find myself sticking to this recipe: minced chicken, shredded carrots, light soya sauce, fish sauce, white pepper, minced garlic. Why? Because I never buy water chestnuts to keep in the fridge, and I’m just plain lazy to shell and devein and mince some prawns.

That said, this does not mean that the above recipe is not delicious. Let me tell you for a fact that anything wrapped and fried with a filling inside will taste darn good. What more if you dip them in chilli sauce first. ;p

These wontons were juicy and unlike my family members who like to douse their wontons in chilli sauce, I like mine with sweet thick caramelly soya sauce.

In a bowl, dump all the ingredients and mix well. Wrap filling in ready-made wonton skins. I used the round big kinds and the smaller square ones.
You can wrap them like this if using the round wonton skins.
Fry till crisp. Serve hot.

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