Salads and Vegetables

Spiced Roasted Squash

For some reason or other, I like to try Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Maybe because they’ve worked before and I like his style of cooking. I suppose what the Malay moms would call ‘masak campak-campak’. ;p

I tried this recipe last year when I invited my mom and aunts for lunch and today, decided to roast them again. The last few times I made, The Hubby tried only a bit and refused to eat anymore. This time round, it’ll be more worth it because The Helper loves pumpkins.

The recipe is:

A few weeks ago, I went to Borders and bought this…

They sold the star shaped measuring spoons too!
Clean and cut pumpkin into wedges.
Crush all spices and salt and then add olive oil.
Brush over pumpkins and then cook.
What I meant was cook by roasting them in the oven till tender. The skin will be so soft that you can eat the skin together with the flesh.

Something different to serve than the usual mashed potatoes. Try it!

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