Noodles and Pasta, Seafood

Tuna Pasta in Cream

I like cream but it’s expensive. Then one day at Mustafa I saw this big pack at less than $4…

Because The Hubby was hungry and the lamb refused to defrost in time(the microwave oven’s still spoilt), I remembered my friend who makes wonderful tuna pasta. And, also at Mustafa, I saw the brand of tuna she uses – Heinz’ Starkist. In my fridge were leftover boiled pasta from yesterday’s pasta chicken soup so all I did was sautee garlic, add in the cream, tuna, cherry tomatoes, pasta, black pepper, salt and to cut the creaminess, a few sprinkles of Tabasco’s Habanero sauce. Voila! To serve, a sprinkle of black pepper and parmesan cheese. So delicious and fattening. This dish needs to be eaten IMMEDIATELY because once a bit cold, the cream will harden.

I had spiral pasta but you can use any pasta you like.
The tuna wasn't fishy at all. Very good, this brand.

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