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Pucuk Ubi masak Lemak (Cassava Leaves in Cocounut Milk)

I love this dish. Once in a while, I’ll crave for it. Luckily for me, the Giant hypermart near my place, stocks up on potato or cassava leaves and they cost like 50 cents a bunch. Less actually. My grandmother taught me her recipe to cook this dish. She uses, besides the usual onions and garlic, chilli padi(!) and ikan bilis. And, she’ll add sweet potatoes in. Lovely!

However that day when I made this, I decided to use only one fresh red chilli so that The Little Girl will be able to enjoy the dish too.

Blend not too finely ikan bilis, an onion, two to three garlic cloves, belacan, fresh turmeric, one fresh red chilli.

However, before this step, you must boil the cassava leaves till soft in plenty of water and a wee bit of oil. After its cooked (mind you, this can take more than an hour!), drain, wring excess water out, cut into smaller pieces and put in back in a pot. Then, you add the blended spices.

After you’ve added the blended spices, add some water, and then add coconut cream/milk. Add salt. If adding the sweet potatoes, boil them till soft first before adding the leaves and spices.

The potato leaves after being boiled.
The finished product.

Mind you, these are not sweet potato leaves, the ones you get easily at NTUC. They’re tapioca leaves. For something different and more kampong-style, try this.

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