It’s been ages since I updated this site. Time to renew. Anyway, I feel productive today, having finished marking a few scripts ;p

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking during the holidays. One of the days, I invited my aunts over for my usual year-end luncheons.

For appetisers, I made Bagel Sandwiches. Now, I’ve got my lovely colleague to thank for this, as she brought me all the way to the factories in Woodlands and while there, we discovered this place called Melvados, where they sell the most scrumptious jalapeno and cheese bagel in the world! I love it! They’re the bomb! I cannot get enough of it. I’m craving for it right now.

Back to the simple recipe. Bagel toasted. Spread garlic flavoured cream cheese. Top with smoked salmon. Serve open.

I know I said 'serve open' but here, i've added the top on just to show you the lovely hot bits of jalapeno on this bagel. Yummy!

This doesn’t even constitute a recipe but it is a great recipe idea. Grab a bagel and make yourself some bagel sandwiches!