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No Bake Simple Cheesecake

I was surfing on the internet again and got reconnected with cheesecake. More specifically, the no bake variety and I discovered it’s simply cream cheese mixed with whipping cream. And what do you know? I have a whole packet of whipping cream that needs to be used before it expires. Furthermore, I learnt that my trusty food processor is able to whip up some cream in no time.

The original recipe calls for two packages of cream cheese but I only used one. With that one, I creamed it with half a cup of icing sugar and put that in a bowl. After which, I whipped up some cream and then folded that into the cream cheese mixture, adding in two teaspoons of honey.For the base, I used apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies and they were divine. The end result? Not very cheesy, definitely fresh creamy and altogether not too bad. Something I’ll definitely make again, especially when time is short. I made this in less than 20 minutes. Of course, the chilling takes hours.

Blitz this with about 100g of cold butter.
Press evenly into a small (9inch) springform pan. Chill.
Whip whipping cream till soft peaks form.
Put whipped cream in the bowl together with the whipped creamed cheese and icing sugar mixtire. Add honey.
Stir the mixture well. Little Girl insisted I take her photo.
Pour mixture into the pan. Spread well.
After it's completely chilled, carefully remove. Enjoy!

I finished one big slice!

I forgot to mention I used about 500 ml of whipping cream. The next time, I’ll use 2 packets of cream cheese so it’ll be cheesier. Overall, I was very happy with this simple recipe.

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