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Tea Eggs

Sometimes when I pass through neighbourhood shopping malls, I’d smell this wonderful rather strong herbal smell of pushcart sellers boiling Chinese tea eggs. They smell wonderful. I’m not particularly fond of eggs but I am game to try anything new – within my religious restrictions, however.

So one day at my friendly neighbourhood ‘senseh’ shop, I chanced upon this…

After verifying with the man in the shop that the ingredients are all plant-based, I bought this packet and for weeks it has been sitting in my cupboard. Until this morning…

There are two sachets in each pack. When I read the instructions at the back, it called for twenty eggs. I did some very elementary math and decided to use ten eggs for one sachet. Ha ha. The smell that wafted as I was steeping the eggs in were divine.  The Hubby thought that I was cooking chicken! Well, close enough – chicken eggs.

Steeping the eggs in over extremely low fire. It takes a minimum of 2 hours. Add a tablesppon each of light and dark soy sauce and salt.
Just follow the instructions at the back of the packet and you've got tea eggs for the whole family and more!

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