Baked Seabass

A new market had just opened near my place. Well, not a conventional market. It’s our island’s first indoor wet market. Anyway, when I went there, the fish that were sold were super fresh. I mean, the prawns were scooped alive from a tank and plonked rather unceremoniously on the selling tray. I saw one Chinese elderly man literally jump with excitement and he quickly bought a kilo of the super fresh still jumping prawns. Poor prawns.

I didn’t buy the prawns then. I bought 2 pieces of very fresh seabass. I love seabass. It doesn’t have a fishy smell and although the ones in the market here are very small with not much flesh, I love the fact that it’s still flaky enough when cooked for me to enjoy. Of course, one piece of fish is just nice for one person.

This was how I cooked the fish. Line bottom of baking tray with thinly cut pieces of lemon. And then on top of that the two fish. In their cavity, cilantro or coriander leaves. And I spooned sundried tomatoes, olive oil and salt/black pepper over the fish. Bake till done. Serve with rice and stir-fried vegetables. Oh, and a plain omelette. That was dinner a fortnight ago!

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