Bread and Batter, Meat, South American/Mexican

Burritos? Tex-Mex Wrap Thingy

I’m so tired but I refuse to let go of this blog. Ha ha. I don’t vet my writing when I update posts so bear with me with the countless typos and inconsistent grammar or vocabulary use.

Chop chop. Sunday, I had my trusty minced beef. Browned them in a pot, added one can of peeled Italian tomatoes and ready to mix Chilli Seasoning. I added in a can on kidney beans. I thought I’d make tacos you see. Rushed over to the NTUC only to discover, like duh, they didn’t have a Mexican section like the bigger supermarkets. Luckily for me, I found a packet of wraps.

In a frying pan, I put in one wrap. Spread the meat sauce over. Top that with shredded mozzarella. Sprinkled thin slices of yellow capsicum. Turned the wrap in half till toasty.Plated it. Spooned Greek yogurt over and a dash of Jalapeno Tabasco. The Hubster loved it. Fast to cook, messy to eat, delicious in the tummy.


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