Asian Dishes, Rice


Last Sunday as I was browsing along the aisles of a huge NTUC, I chanced upon this…

I read the ingredients, checked the label thoroughly and saw the tiny  halal logo but checked and re-checked the ingredients again…and then quick as lightning, I dumped it into my basket. It’s Korean bibimbap for goodness sakes! I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to go home and cook my version of bibimbap.

Why my version? I reckon what’s great about bibimbap are just three ingredients – the sweet chilli sauce,  fluffy Japanese white rice and a fried egg. The other thing is that there must be something crunchy and a protein. I had leftover roasted honey chicken so I cut them into slices. I had broccoli that I intended to stir-fry al dente. And I had bonito flakes…

I loved it! I will not crave for bibimbap anymore coz I can cook one at home! Granted, it’s not authentic what without the funny Korean seaweed etc but I can add whatever I want into the bowl, dump the chilli sauce and an egg and I will be satiated.:)

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