Sutchi Fillet in Pesto Sauce

I bought some more Melvados’ Basil Pesto. We’ve converted half of the EL department to love Melvados – their jalapeno cheese bagel in particular. I had bought some sutchi fillets – frozen – and decided to bake them. I spooned quite a bit of the basil pesto, topped with a few tomato slices and whole garlic pieces. And then voila! In just thirty minutes, you’ll have this lovely sauce over a rather unremarkable fish. It’s great, this pesto sauce.

Line tray with aluminium foil. Place fish fillets and spoon lots of basil pesto. Add tomatoes and garlic. Drizzle with olive oil. Oh, season fish with salt first.
Wrap the fish and bake. Open the parcel abou 20 minutes after. Fish may not be cooked so bake with foil uncovered till cooked.

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