Lamb Shank in the Oven

Usually when cooking lamb shank, the meat ought to be braised for hours as it is a rather tough cut of meat. One day, I had only two pieces of lamb shank and instead of letting it braise for hours on the stove, I thought I’d do it in the oven.

I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper. And the in the baking tray, I added my already minced onions and garlic, and a bottle of Leggo’s ready made tomato sauce. I’ve switched alliance now. I prefer Leggo’s sauce. :p I threw in a couple of bay leaves and chicken stock. Cover the tray with foil tightly and then pop it in the oven.

An hour later, I realised that there wasn’t enough liquid to cook the top part of the meat so I turned the shanks over, added in a can of peeled tomatoes and then in the oven it goes again. What came out after the meat is tender, is this lovely lovely flavourful rich tomato sauce. I mean, of course the meat was good, but you’ve got to eat it with the sauce. Mmmmm…

I served the lamb shanks over polenta. Polenta. So Italian, so novel (for me, definitely), oh, so so bland. Maybe it’s an acquired taste but whatever it is, I won’t be cooking polenta again.

The rich tomato sauce is soooo deliciously saucy. I am so switching to the Leggos brand from now on.


Served on polenta and topped with pecorino cheese shavings.

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