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Salmon Croquettes

Yesterday for lunch, I made salmon (pronounced sae-men) croquettes (kro-cats) “,)

I think in an earlier post I mentioned about begedil – ubiquitous delicious potato minced meat patties. I had a pack of frozen salmon meat which I had no idea what to do with except to make croquettes when I first spied them at Fassler. So yesterday, croquettes it was. However, when I finally opened the pack and took the meat out, I realised I could use it in a million other way. OK, more than just croquettes then.

After making them, they did look beautiful so I decided to make a little sauce. Without following any recipes, I decided to be like one of the Chopped contestants (my favourite show on telly). I blackened my one and only vegetable in the fridge(yellow capsicum) and then took off the skin and sliced them. Throw them into the blender, added some leftover sunflower seeds (from the vegetable salad pack), a wee bit of balsamic, olive oil and salt. The colour turned out brilliant! The taste, a bit salty/vinegary … not a lot of pepper flavour came out. But it taught me a lesson: anything can be blended and made into a sauce!

Cook salmon meat in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic.
Boil and mash up russet potatoes (5 in the bag) and season with salt, pepper, a bit of olive oil. Stir in the salmon.
Form the potato mixture into a ball and then a pat into a patty. DIp in egg and coat with panko breadcrumbs and then fry in shallow oill. Make sure its shallow. Too much oil and it wont work at all!
Serve plain or with some sauce.

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