Meat, Sides


I so wanted to make tacos. I bought a box of tacos and decided to make them for breakfast. I made the filling: minced meat with spices and a bit of tomato paste. I made the condiment: chopped Japanese cucumbers and sliced baby tomatoes. Before I grated some tasty cheddar, I decided to bake the taco shells like instructed on the box for 5 min. And then… little kids are spoilers I tell you. In the middle of my cooking session, I had to attend to an emergency wail and flailing arms and before I knew it, I saw smoke coming out from my oven! Looking dejectedly over my burnt tacos, I had no mood to grate the cheese. Burnt tacos it is then for breakfast! Ironically, The Little Girl loved it. Tacos, Nachos…they all the same thing ain’t it?

Only one brand sold here...I think.
Make minced meat filling.
Make the vegetable topping.
Fill taco shells. Best to top with grated cheese. And make a sauce or drizzle Tabasco sauce over.
Enjoy. Make sure tacos aren't burnt while toasting the,. Here, The Little Girl is also enjoying them with sliced cheddar cheese. Processed.

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